When I’m working for a period of a few hours consistently I’ll go to Spotify and type in:

“Tom Doolie”

Then I’ll just start at the first song of his most recent album and let it play through his whole Discography pretty much.

It’s perfect for dev work, for me.

It’s quite chilled hip hop beats, good variation in sound and style, and experimental in parts.

It’s a good balance between being unobtrusive whilst still being interesting, and not just elevator music. It also has some subtle vocals mixed in there, which is a good change up when they come in.

I guess it would be classed as ‘Chill Hop’. But it’s just good hip hop instrumental beats, essentially.

Would highly recommend it if you’ve not listened to him before, and it’s your sort of thing.

What music do you listen to whilst coding?

Any recommendations in a similar vein to Tom Doolie would be great to hear.

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