I try, as best I can, to use the First Principles framework of reasoning when thinking about project ideas.

But, like boiling down piss to its fundamentals, if you’re starting with the wrong liquid, you’re always going to end up with something you didn’t want - pissy steam, in this case.

It is extremely difficult to know if your idea is worth doing. You have to make the assumption that you’re, at least, partly wrong about something. And, right now, I don’t think I have an idea for a project that I believe in enough, or one in which I am able to discern if it’s even worth doing at all. Opportunity cost, and all that.

So instead, I am creating a site to create lots of small projects. My thinking is that I’ll focus on improving on what languages I am already familiar with, and learn languages/frameworks that I am not. In the process I will build a new portfolio of projects, and maybe one of them might turn into something ever so slightly mildly interesting. Although probably not.

This is my site so far:


It is very shit and uninteresting, at this early stage.

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