With the plethora of fancy frameworks available.

With every person and their dog doing a React or Vue course.

With JavaScript podcasts swelling with hype for new JS libraries.

With every job posting demanding mad skills with Vue, React, Angular, and Node.

I am trying to resist. It is so tempting to get stuck into the shiny-looking frameworks.

I have looked at the docs for them all of course, a sneak peak, and done the obligatory beginner Tic-Tac-Toe React game tutorial.

But I am no where near competent enough at Vanilla Javascript. It makes no sense to me, really, in skipping straight to a framework without a certain level of proficiency with the core language.

Like trying to swim in the big dog pool, before ever doggy paddling in the puppy pool. Your ass be drowning.

Although I have read that you don’t actually need to know JavaScript to any great level before getting started with Vue, so maybe it’s fine to just go in with basic skill/comprehension (Skomprehension?).

I’m decent enough with HTML, CSS, and PHP, I can make sites to a reasonable standard, in a reasonable time.

JavaScript was always just lacking, mostly because it was the thing I needed to use the least. Anything I did need was already coded for me with a library or abstracted away under the hood of some plugin.

With my current aim though, which is to improve and learn whilst creating a collection of small projects, one of the things I want to do is learn Vue JS, and use it to create an app combined with Laravel.

So before I can get to do that I feel I need to improve my JavaScript of the vanilla variety.

Things I’m doing every day to learn and practise:

  • listening to the JavaScript edition of Software Engineering Daily podcast.

  • Working through the JavaScript course on the SoloLearn app as much as I can, on the treadmill, on public transport, or even when taking a shit (I do these activities separately, don’t worry)

  • Working through the JavaScript Essential Learning course on Lynda

  • Going through the W3 Schools tutorial

  • Writing JavaScript on Codepen, so far I’ve created some animations

  • Reading JavaScript books on GitHub

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